The Schmooney Trilogy



I am sitting on a large flat boulder high on a rocky slope, watching the sky for the first signs of dawn. Ever so slowly, a soft glow begins to rise across the horizon. The cool damp air caressing my face is warmed by the morning rays of sunlight. The soothing hum of chirping crickets gradually gives way to the calls of birds. The animals of the day are changing places with the creatures of the night. My brother and I have watched the sun rise on this rock many times.

The forest has many stories. This story is our story. My brother and I discovered a very special animal who possesses an incredible power. The animal has been here for a very long time. Ingenious American legends speak about it. Explorers claim to have seen it. The animal lives here today. If you have been to a forest, then you probably have seen this animal. When you see it, you don’t realize what you are seeing, because everything appears to be normal. It is not recognizable, because it is in plain sight.

My brother tells our story very well. I will let him tell it to you as it happened twenty years ago. As I recall, it all started on an April morning in Atlanta, on a day much like today…

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