What is a Schmooney?

What is a Schmooney? The Schmooney is a forest animal of amazing gifts and talents. Made up of 7 different animals, this legendary animal protects the forests and his friends by using his secret gift.

The ‘Legend of the Schmooney’ explains how the Schmooney came into existence. The ‘Return of the Schmooney’ vividly illustrates how he saved the forest and protected his friends. In the ‘Chapter Book Trilogy’ the reader joins 12-year old Austin Cook and his sister Katie when they meet the Schmooney and find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime! With the Schmooney’s help, Austin and Katie discover that they, too, have special gifts. Along with them, the reader understands that we all have gifts just waiting for us to discover.

These books are exciting tales filled with adventure and opportunities to learn important life lessons. Readers of all ages will enjoy the books that comprise the Schmooney's story.

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Bob Shumaker and The Schmooney

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