Return Of The Schmooney
*ORDER NOW!       SHIPPING SOFT COVER NOW!* *Available as Soft Cover or Hard Cover!* Children of all ages can now experience the fun, excitement, and inspirational tale of The Schmooney in this latest book about The Schmooney's adventures....
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Plush Schmooney
The Schmooney Plush is a unique animal, very well designed and crafted. The fabrics are soft and cuddly with beautifully rich patterns and vibrant colors. The Plush is 12 inches tall and made from the 7 different forest animals described...
The Legend of Schmooney
Now even the youngest children can enjoy the fun and inspirational tale of The Schmooney.  In this heroic adventure of self-discovery, you will discover why "Find Your Gift" is sweeping the country.  This is an exciting and wholesome adventure for...
The Schmooney Trilogy
ABOUT THE BOOK I am sitting on a large flat boulder high on a rocky slope, watching the sky for the first signs of dawn. Ever so slowly, a soft glow begins to rise across the horizon. The cool damp...
The Schmooney : Coloring & Activities Book
20 pages of fun and challenging activities to stimulate your child's imagination.
Book 1 : The Secret of the Enchanted Forest
Austin Cook and his family are visiting Uncle Steve in Mountview, a picturesque town in North Carolina, where Austin hopes to learn more about the forest animals that fascinate him. During this seemingly ordinary trip, he has his first encounter...
Book 2 : The Spirit of the Turquoise Necklace
Austin returns to Mountview, hoping to learn more about his gift and more about the legend of the Schmooney. He gets more than he bargained for when he finds himself trying to decipher the message from a beautiful Native American...
Book 3 : The Curse of the Golden Gato
Austin and his sister Katie have returned to visit Uncle Steve in Mountview, where they plan to work at the Nature Center for the summer. But Sarah, the Schmooney, becomes sick and they must help her find the cure in...
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