“The spirit of any book is an extension of its author and creator."

The core theme of my books is “finding your gift” which helps students understand that they are born with a special talent/skill/gift and they need to discover that talent, continue to develop it and share it with others. This is a fun and a core character developing message that helps build confidence and promotes positive self-esteem.

“I think your books have valuable lessons to teach our young people. If they can believe that they have a gift that makes them special and that can use to help others, this could do so much to enhance their self-esteem. And this could be for many of them the beginning of a life-long journey to discover the riches that lie within, a journey that could give new meaning to their lives.”

- Emeritus Professor of History

“Wow! Thank you for your willingness to enrich the educational experience of our children.”

- 4th Grade Educator 

“The kids loved the Schmooney. The themes of the book, finding and using your gift and daring to be different, were profoundly significant.”

- 5th Grade Educator 

“I started to read so much more when the Schmooney books came out.”

- Lisa, 5th Grade Student 

“The story made me feel more motivated and responsible for the bullying that I see.”

- Zoe, 5th Grade Student 

“The story is wonderful. I have told it many times. You should be commended for the help you are giving to our future. Thank you very much.”

- Parent

“I am truly inspired and I want to thank you so much for giving this veteran teacher a new avenue of fun and adventure.”

- 3rd Grade Educator 

“Thank you for sharing what I believe is the best children’s books written these days.”

Educator – Elementary Grades

“The central theme is very good for young children.”

- Educator – Middle School 

“The story taught me to not be afraid and to stand up for myself.”

- Autumn, Middle School Student 

“I liked how the story is simple and how it’s so easy to understand.”

- Courtney – Middle School Student 

Acknowledgements & Dedication

Bob Shumaker and The Schmooney would like to thank those who have contributed to our success. We understand that without you and the sharing of your ‘gifts’ we would not be where we are today.

Thanks to:

Nancy Rechtman for your skillful editing, idea collaboration, and being a gifted teaching partner. 

Your editing continues to make my writing so much better.

Sarah Blackaby for your outstanding illustrations and ingenious ideas.

Griffin Campbell for your musical genius, technical skills, and excellent advice.

Nick Hand for your brilliant website design along with your creative Facebook and Instagram development.

Hannah Webb for your outstanding illustrations in the original books and your design and painting of Simpsonville’s Famed Schmooney Mural.

Sharon Shumaker for your unwavering support.

Katy Hatcher, my daughter, for your unlimited desire to help me when I need it the most.

Cole Hatcher, my grandson, for providing me a legacy so that The Schmooney will continue for another generation.

“The Deadly Swarm” will be your book.

And thank you to our loyal fans and supporters. Without you, none of this would have been possible.

Gratefully,Bob Shumaker

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