We have received numerous testimonials from both teachers and students as to how the Schmooney books have encouraged reluctant readers to enjoy reading.  Our books spark imaginations and create reading interests. Interest diminishes fear, thus positive reading habits are developed. Literacy is the key to success and we want to help raise the literacy rate. Proficiency in reading is directly linked to graduation rates.  School success leads to a productive life, which results in a bright future for the young people in our State.  Developing a reading interest is the first step to success.
It is written that “The spirit of any book is an extension of its author and creator.  If you wish to inspire your students with the wondrous spirit of books with the joys of reading and writing, you must have an author visit your school.”  We completely agree.

Typically my author visit consists of 2 presentations per school; one for K5 – 2nd grade approximately 30 minutes, followed by a presentation for 3rd - 5th grades approximately 45 minutes.  I recreate the story of “The Legend of the Schmooney” which is the first of the seven book series.  I bring my headset and request to use your sound system; I use my computer and ask to use your projector and screen, which will display my illustrations on the large screen for all to see. This approach energetically involves all your students.  We discuss building charachter, using the Schmooney as a positive role model.  With the older group I discuss special writing techniques, share tips on improving their writing and show pictures of my ‘author’s studio’ which inspires children to improve their reading and writing.

The core theme of my books is “finding your gift” which helps students understand that they are born with a special talent/skill/gift and they need to discover that talent, continue to develop it and share it with others. This is a fun and a core character developing message that helps build confidence and promotes positive self-esteem.  To help the students understand the concept I use two examples, a) my skill as a writer and 2) the story itself, which revolves around the Schmooney finding his gift/talent and by using that gift, he performs a heroic deed and saves all the animals in the forest. 

If you wish to change/modify my presentation to better suit your needs, then we can discuss your ideas.  My cost is only $850 for a half day – there are no additional charges for travel time and mileage in South Carolina.  I also ask that you promote my visit and send home with your students an order form (see flyer 1 and 2) so that the students and teachers can pre-order my books/animals.  I will provide a complete set of my books and animals to display in your library prior to my arrival. 

The 6’ tall Schmooney accompanies me on my visit and will appear in person.  After my presentation, while the students adjourn, the Schmooney will pose with the individual classes and have their pictures taken.  This is a lasting reminder of the Schmooney and the joy of reading.  Typically, we proceed to the library where I will autograph books and animals for the children and teachers who have purchased them.  I will bring the books and the plush animals with me and will leave an autographed poster for the school and a set of books and Schmooney Plush for your school’s library.  I will take additional time to visit select classrooms for small group discussion and I would be delighted to work with children with special needs.
Testimonials for Author Visits

“I think your books have valuable lessons to teach our young people.  If they can believe…that they have a gift that makes them special and that can use to help others, this could do so much to enhance their self-esteem.  And this could be for many of them the beginning of a life-long journey to discover the riches that lie within, a journey that could give new meaning to their lives.”
-Emeritus Professor of History

“The story is wonderful.  I have told it…many times.  You should be commended for the help you are giving to our future.  Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for…sharing what I believe is the best children’s books written these days.”
-Educator – Elementary Grades

“The central theme is very good for young children.”
-Educator – Middle School

“I am truly inspired and I want to thank you so much for giving this veteran teacher a new avenue of fun and adventure.”
-3rd Grade Educator

“Wow!  Thank you for your willingness to enrich the educational experience of our children.”
-4th Grade Educator

“The kids loved the Schmooney.  The themes of the book, finding and using your gift and daring to be different, were profoundly significant.”
-5th Grade Educator

“I started to read so much more when the Schmooney books came out.”
-Lisa, 5th Grade Student

“The story made me feel more motivated and responsible for the bullying that I see.”
-Zoe, 5th Grade Student

“The story taught me to not be afraid and to stand up for myself.”
-Autumn, Middle School Student

“I liked how the story is simple and how it’s so easy to understand.”
-Courtney – Middle School Student