Andy Goodson, President of the Simpsonville Chamber of Commerce, recognizes Bob Shumaker with the Simpsonville Citizen of the Year Award at the chamber’s annual dinner and awards banquet at Holly Tree Country Club.

Mr. Goodson cited Bob Shumaker with creating Simpsonville’s mascot, The Schmooney, his work with children and youth, his involvement with local literacy programs, being a member of the American Legion Post 176, Greenville Technical College Advisory Board Member, The Center for Community Services Board Member, and 27 years with Holy Cross Episcopal Church Building Committee.

The Spirit of The Turquoise Necklace
June 20, 2005
Reviewer: C. Penn "WordWeaving" (Greenville, SC)

Kids of all ages will love the continuing adventure of Austin and the Schmooney in this sequel, THE SPIRIT OF THE TURQUOISE NECKLACE. Indeed, Author Bob Shumaker creates a literary journey filled with unpredictable events, a fast-moving plot, and a fascinating visit to the North Georgia Mountains. Fans of the fantastical Schmooney will certainly delight in its return as they learn more about its abilities and gifts. THE SPIRIT OF THE TURQUOISE NECKLACE earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence.


The Secret of the Enchanted Forest
November 20, 2004
Reviewer: C. Penn "WordWeaving" (Greenville, SC)

Author Bob Shumaker is a remarkable new talent in the world of children's books, earning the WordWeaving Award for Excellence. THE SECRET OF THE ENCHANTED FOREST engages young minds with a marvelous story that is at once educational and entertaining. This enchanting story filled with natural science and imaginative play, overlays a core of emotional truth that encourages children to identify with Austin and explore their own special gifts. Author Bob Shumaker's powerful, timeless storytelling will endure for many generations of readers to come. Fans will be pleased to know that there is a sequel in the making.

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The Schmooney phenomenon is positively impacting lives. We have assembled a few of the many responses, reviews, and awards that we have received so that you could gain a better understanding of this powerful Schmooney effect. If you would like to share your experience with us, please move to the STORE tab and double-click the magic envelope.   Thank you for your feedback.
As a mother, I like to know what my kids are reading…Within minutes I found myself completely absorbed in a story that was so intriguing I couldn't put it down. I read it in one evening and can't wait for the next one to come out! You have found a way to create a story that challenges the imaginations instead of just passing through it: and it is able to be enjoyed by children and adults alike…Bravo!!
- Donna Griffin, Mother of Three School-Aged Children

Our family has enjoyed the journey with Austin to the enchanted forest and discovered with him the value of becoming what you are intended to be. My sons were captivated by the adventure, and now that the second book in the trilogy is available, they have begun anew. This time however my seven year old son has taken the lead in reading the story. We are blessed to have such good literature available for our sons.
- Charles, Michelle, Nathanael, and Luke Petit, South Carolina

The Secret of the Enchanted Forest is a treasure trove of information about animals and nature, doled out in a most enjoyable manner. The story is told in the first person and the author has realistically crept into the mind of a twelve-year-old boy so that no false notes are struck. The story moves along at a rapid pace and excitement, adventure, and courage fill the pages of this book.
- Nancy Machlis Rechtman, Reviewer

It is wonderful! The story is great, the characters are delightful and it is a good, clean book for children. I especially enjoyed all the information about nature and feel that all the children who read it will become more interested in the outdoors and the animals who inhabit our woodlands. Thank you for giving us all something worthwhile to read.
- Ann Schofield, M.Ed. Director Holy Cross Academy

I read it in two days. I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter just to see what was going to happen. Now, I can't wait for your second book! Thank you so much for writing a great book.
- Kristen M. Bell, 6th grader, Riverside Middle School

Fantastic. I know you wrote it to be a children's book, but the story is so intriguing it can be enjoyed and loved by people from 6 to 106! The story of the Schmooney that Uncle Steve reads to his visitor is terrific. I love the way you get your readers to think about the message this fable relates. You also talk about so many worthwhile ideas and lessons I would recommend the book to all children. I enjoyed the humor and all the information you incorporated into the story. This book is so well written, it is hard to believe it is your first one.
- Renie Humphrey, SEEDS Reader, Greenville County Schools

Dear Mr. Shumaker, I'd like to thank you again for the kindness you showed my boys when we stopped by your Schmooney Shop. You were wonderful with them. As they were making their Christmas lists this year, Spencer made a modification to his. He had asked for a Nintendo DS, but he told me after meeting you that he'd rather have the Schmooney Pack!  I'm sure you can imagine my delight as a parent that he would choose a wonderfully written book trilogy over a video game system. When he saw the Schmooney Pack under the tree Christmas morning, he rushed right over to it!  He was so excited to begin reading your books. Thank you for inspiring and encouraging these kids to read in this electronic age we live in. I'm thrilled that our boys can still get lost in the joy of a good book. We wish you continued success and may the Schmooney go national in 2006! P.S.  My goddaughter and godson absolutely loved their Schmooney Toys!
Laura O'Connell

Just wanted you to know that we got the first book today and how much we enjoyed it. I didn't mention in my first note that my daughter, Kathleen, is autistic. The story of Schmooney really made her feel better about herself. It helped her to understand that even though she may be different she still has something special to give.
Thanks, Jacki

Dear Mr. Shumaker, I took the liberty of sharing the 'Legend of the Schmooney' with a group of young people at my church. We are a small congregation. Our location is very close to one of the inner city housing projects. Our group was made up of about 25 boys and girls ages 6-13. We talked about gifts before I read the story and I let them each talk and share what they were good at. I took out the Schmooney Plush Toy and let them investigate it, passing it around, before I read the story. As I read, you could have heard a pin drop, they were sooooooo quiet. This was truly amazing. Afterwards, there was so much feedback. They answered every question that I asked and answered them correctly. They had comments and questions of their own, as well. It really sparked genuine interest within the boys and girls about discovering their gifts. Great job! Thank you for such a wonderful story.
Thelma G. Bigsby

I enjoyed your books. I am reading The Legend of the Schmooney to my class and will probably read the Secret of the Enchanted Forest as well. My students are special needs kids and need to hear that they have gifts as well. Too often they feel inferior. I cried when I finished reading the book because I realized that my kids are "Schmooneys". I teach at Bryson Middle school and thank you again for writing a book with a powerful message.
Barbara Price

From: Lynn Parker, Center for Women
Bob, I, as well as everyone else, thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and hearing the “Legend of the Schmooney” told by you with such excitement. The kids just loved seeing the Schmooney.  Thank you so much for taking your time to come out and share “your gift” with the kids. Some of the kids rarely have the opportunity to see something so unique and special as the Schmooney, nor do they hear any encouragement other than from their teachers, so I know it was a very special time for them. I am a member at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley and know the Children’s Minister well and plan on introducing this to him to see if it’s something he may be interested in doing for the kids. I will be telling everyone I see about the “Legend of the Schmooney”! Thank you again for all you did and May God Bless!
Lynn Parker

From: Cecko, Anne
I planned on giving Anthony the Schmooney and the 3 books as a Valentines Day gift. Being 14 and all - he had to be somewhat cool, however, I noticed him sitting up in his loft checking out the Schmooney. I asked him if he could figure out all the different animals that made up the Schmooney. I told him to read the first chapter of the first book to figure out what I meant. He told me how incredible the animal was and how 'real' the different parts looked to him. He decided to take a bath and had all the books tucked under his arm - the Schmooney sat up in the loft - next to his pillow. Before he went to bed that night he mentioned that he had finished the first book (wow!).  The next day when I came home he was reading the second book - giving me a count down of how many pages he had already read. By the end of that night, he had finished both the second AND the third book. I asked him what held his attention so long and he said 'it's just a really great story mom'. We were in the car a few days later - he started telling me about the books and how he can't wait for the next trilogy to become available. He told me about the ending and how all the Schmooneys were at the top of this hill. I believe this story really sent him a great message about how it's okay to have some doubts about why we're all here, and we all have to persevere and figure out our place in the family, community and the world and that it isn't always clear and right under our noses. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.  Let me know what else I can do to spread the Schmooney message!

We are extremely proud and honored to have created a lasting symbol for promoting literacy in South Carolina.

A Concurrent Resolution was passed on February 13, 2007, written exceptionally well, it states:
…Whereas, a literate population is a vital component of a growing and successful economy, as well as a necessary component for achieving an educated workforce; and

Whereas, promoting literacy not only serves the State, but also has the potential to impact and improve the quality of life for those who may be held back personally and economically due to illiteracy; and

Whereas, helping develop strong reading skills and instilling a love of reading at an early age helps provide children with a strong foundation for success in school and in life; and

Whereas, capturing the interest of children is often aided by physical symbols, and Bob Shumaker, a retired sales and marketing executive from Simpsonville, has created a unique symbol for reading, the “Schmooney”, the main character in The Schmooney Trilogies, a children’s series written by Mr. Shumaker; and

Whereas, The Schmooney, a creature made up of seven different animals, is not only a storybook hero, but also a soft cuddly stuffed animal which is fast becoming as endearing symbol that entices children to read; and

Whereas, Mr. Shumaker has developed and made available Schmooney Programs to communities, schools, churches, and libraries, and through these programs the Schmooney helps increase children’s interest in reading, improves vocabulary and social interaction skills, and increase knowledge of nature and civic responsibilities.

Therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring, that the members of the South Carolina General Assembly, by this resolution, recognize Bob Shumaker and declares “The Schmooney” the honorary mascot for literacy in South Carolina.


Mrs. Doris Ash presents, "The Book of Golden Deeds Award" The Exchange Club's highest honor, to a humbled Bob Shumaker during the Woodruff Road Exchange Clubs Annual Awards Dinner held at the Embassy Suites, for his talents in making our community a better place for children.